Since crystal products have exploded in recent years, do you want to try to become a crystal merchant or crystal collector? This blog is about how to find the right crystal supplier.
Crystal suppliers can be divided into foreign and domestic suppliers. Foreign crystal suppliers generally come from crystal origin or large crystal distribution markets, such as China, Indonesia, India and so on. They have a wide variety of crystals and low prices, but you need to factor in international shipping costs. Now there are some foreign suppliers to provide over 200-300 US dollars free shipping service, if you are a new crystal merchant, then this will definitely attract you. However, there are some crystal wholesalers who are nominally free mail services, but in fact they have added the freight to the crystal you buy. The result is that the prices of free and non-free shipping suppliers are about the same. So you need to compare prices and quality with different suppliers. Check Our Website :
If you choose a domestic supplier, the shipping cost will be lower or even true free shipping, the shipping time will be shorter, and the domestic supplier can choose a richer payment method. But the price of crystal will be higher than that of foreign suppliers. Therefore, both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. You can try both ways to get the right supplier for you.
So how to find suppliers? You can go to Instagram, Facebook, Esty and other search the keyword crystal can find a lot of crystal suppliers. You can observe their crystal quality, store reputation, etc., and then place an order. Check Our IG :
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